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See how the following industries are achieving the maximum return on their investment by delivering their applications with MACCIUS:


Health Care & Pharmaceutical

Rising health care costs, increased patient expectations, changing regulations and market consolidation are increasing the pressures on healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations to decrease costs and improve the quality of care you provide. Your IT organization is already taxed with ensuring compliance with HIPAA deadlines and implementing core clinical systems.

MACCIUS' solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries can help your organization improve quality care, streamline internal and external business processes, reduce administrative costs, increase patient satisfaction and alleviate your IT staffing shortages. Based on our deployment, hosting and management services of leading non-clinical solutions from software providers, MACCIUS can facilitate the collaboration among patients, physicians, suppliers, employees, agents and brokers.

Our solutions and services have been specifically tailored towards the needs of healthcare and life sciences organizations based on years of experience helping health plans, healthcare providers, managed care facilities, specialized hospitals, assisted living centers and life science organizations. MACCIUS helps your company to:
  • Optimize operational efficiencies of your administrative systems
  • Streamline business processes shared with external partners and suppliers to reduce supply costs
  • Deliver quality care and increase patient satisfaction through faster and better customer service
  • Manage change by integrating your heterogeneous technology environment
  • Focus on your core operations by alleviating your staff shortages and offloading the management and support of your IT systems
  • Ensure your business processes and systems meet HIPAA compliance
  • Accelerate clinical trials, product launches and market acceptance


Publishing, Media & Communications

Dramatic declines in ad sales, growing subscriber acquisition costs, rising costs of newsprint and distribution, growing advertiser and audience sophistication, deregulation and the digital revolution are tough challenges to face. MACCIUS' publishing, media and communications solutions assist companies in managing these challenges, creating competitive advantage, increasing revenues and reducing operational costs.

MACCIUS has years of experience in working with publishing, media and communications organizations such as newspaper, periodicals and book publishers, cable companies, TV and radio networks, movie studios, online media content providers and advertising agencies.

MACCIUS has partnered with industry-leading software providers to provide you with the solutions and services to help you integrate all aspects of your operations and enable you to:

  • Focus on your core competency and direct attention to strategic initiatives while mproving the bottom line
  • Reduce operational costs and increase flexibility
  • Improve ad sales productivity
  • Create greater customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty
  • Improve coordination among partners, channels and throughout the service chain
  • Increase subscriber retention
  • Mitigate risk through predictable, consistent costs


Financial Services

The face of financial services is changing. The demand to move services and applications online is crucial—in an industry where time is money, conducting financial transactions in real time can mean millions in additional revenue.

How companies leverage the Internet to deploy and manage business applications across their extended enterprises will determine the leaders in today’s evolving financial services market.

MACCIUS has partnered with industry-leading software providers to provide you with the solutions and services to help you integrate all aspects of your operations and enable you to:
  • Focus on strategic IT initiatives while exceeding efficiency targets
  • Optimize relationships with your customers, partners, suppliers and employees
  • Accurately measure your financial performance and profitability through advanced analytical capabilities
  • Integrate your various business lines and channels into a consolidated financial services operation
  • Satisfy ever increasing customer demands for service convenience and product quality
  • Increase your share of the customer's total wallet by maximizing your up-sell and cross-sell potential
  • Automate content management - provide a consistent branded view of your organization that is easy to maintain and update
  • Reduce costs and risk by achieving better control over your daily operations


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